Latest News Summary

Latest News Summary


EBC Local Plan Consultation and Proposed Development on Long Ditton Green Belt – Update!

It has been seven months since the Public Consultation on Elmbridge Borough Council’s (EBC) new Local Plan, which closed on 24th February 2017.  EBC received around 3800 responses (including 1299 from the Dittons) which have included up to 50,000 individual comments/suggestions/ideas.

A detailed report from EBC on the issues raised was published at the end of July. For more information and latest news from EBC visit their website .

EBC have stated that additional evidence is required to progress further work on the local plan following the scale of the response to the consultation and the Government housing white paper.

The additional studies required will impact on the timetable for the preparation of the Local Plan.  For example, the Government’s standardised methodology for assessing housing need and the new definition of what constitutes exceptional circumstances for amending the Green Belt is not expected until the autumn. The Government intends to publish the consultation on the new way to assess councils’ housing needs when Parliament returns in the Autumn. It was suggested that the proposed changes to the definition of exceptional circumstances for development in the Green Belt would be published in Spring 2018 along with other changes to the National Planning Policy Framework.

Until this methodology and new definition are known, the Council will not be able to assess whether these proposed changes will have an impact on EBC’s current assessments.

Consequently, EBC will not be consulting on the next version of its Local Plan   – It is estimated that a minimum of 6 months will be needed to prepare the required evidence base.  As such, consultation on a more detailed Preferred Approach Local Plan is unlikely until spring 2018.

Following the close of the Public Consultation, the LDRA and HWLD Action Group has formed partnerships with individual professionals on a range of issues surrounding the development of the Local Plan.  We have also been in receipt of some interesting ‘alternative options’ presented by residents. If and when we hear of development of any of these ideas, we will post details on the HWLD facebook page and website as below and on the LDRA website.

To view the full response by the LDRA to the EBC Local Plan Consultation please see our earlier post (LDRA Response to Local Plan).  We continue to work in conjunction with the HWLD action group and they have a facebook site which can be ‘liked’ for the up to date news. Their website is .

Traffic calming measures outside the schools

Following discussion and consultation on their initial proposals, SCC produced a new amended plan, which will include two pedestrian crossings outside the schools. Full details can be obtained by emailing . Residents had the opportunity to comment and the Ditton Hill Road scheme is due for implementation in late autumn. The proposed crossing in Sugden Road, also formed part of the public consultation in 2016, and a crossing is still planned to be installed, but due to feedback SCC is reassessing the best site for its installation – in the vicinity of St Mary’s School entrance or between Rectory Lane and Ewell Road.  Further investigations are currently being undertaken to determine the optimum location for the crossing.  SCC will then proceed with implementing the most appropriate option.

Parking review

The recommendations of SCC’s parking review of the Dittons were approved by the local committee in October 2016 and have now been published on their website, which residents are able to comment or object by September 22nd. There are various alterations to parking restrictions in Long Ditton. For full details see then click on ‘Moleseys and Dittons parking review’ then ‘proposal drawings’ for detailed plans. The LDRA objected to the St Mary’s Road plan of lifting restrictions as we feel it will not help the parking problems in Effingham Road mainly caused by commuter parking.


All residents are invited to our AGM which will be held at 8pm on the 9th November at St Mary’s Junior School.  All our councillors will be present – residents will have an opportunity to ask them questions.

Portsmouth Road Pedestrian crossing
Following the tragic accident and fatality on the Portsmouth Road on June 14th the LDRA will be pressing SCC again for a pedestrian crossing on the Portsmouth Road after a petition was submitted by local residents 2 years ago.